The WOW Business Advisory and Drive My Biz to WOW were launched as a retirement project of Bill Matthews.  Bill had served as an executive and officer for a "Fortune 500" company and President of a financial services organization before he helped establish Aileron (www.aileron.org), a not-for-profit organization in Dayton, Ohio.  Aileron was made possible by the generosity of Clay Mathile, former Owner of The Iams Company, and has provided guidance to thousands of privately held businesses since 1996.

After retiring, Bill wrote the book, Five P's to a "WOW!" Business, which describes a simple, sequential, repeatable system for running a business.  The Five P System is based on his experiences from working with hundreds of organizations during a consulting career that spanned three decades.  Through a licensing arrangement, Bill's intellectual property is now being delivered under a private label by the world's largest management and sales training company.

While some business owners are able to implement the Five P system by using only the book, many need more guidance.  This led Bill to ask himself, "What if organizations could come to a single location and get online, on-demand training to self-implement the Five P System --- all for free?"  It was a very timely realization for him, since he was in the process of writing a book about how to share time, talents, and treasures with others.  (At the bottom of the HOME page, you can download a free copy of Your Next Checkered Flag:  The Ultimate Joy Ride.)

With that goal in mind, he spent two years developing content for an extensive online training program built around the Five P System of professional management.  Then he hired a video production company and voice actor to produce dozens of videos and exercises that are now available for free at www.drivemybiztowow.com.  

There was still one missing piece --- a network of experts who could deliver the Five P model in local markets, and also be ready to respond to organizations who use the online tools and need assistance with implementation.  To fill that gap, in 2022, Bill began recruiting highly experienced business experts who could join what is now the growing Network of Authorized WOW Advisors.

The ultimate goal of these efforts is simple...  

To help organizations create jobs and strengthen communities by exposing them to the management "best practices" that are the backbone of the Five P System.