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About the Toolkit

Available 24/7/365, Drive My Biz to WOW! is a confidential "free clinic" for privately-held businesses that significantly improves the performance of organizations, and gives business leaders greater control over their personal lives. As a result, more jobs are created, and communities grow stronger. That’s our ultimate purpose.

How Does It Work?

After you sign-up for your free private account, you'll see that Drive My Biz to WOW! is depicted as a 23-step "Racetrack" outlining a holistic approach to business health. It’s based on the book, Five P’s to a “WOW!” Business, written by Bill Matthews. Like a medical clinic, your business will be led through a systematic process.


You begin by measuring the vital signs of your business using the "WOW Business Assessment Survey," which provides your organization with a baseline health score from 0 to 100, and identifies exactly which areas need attention.

Treatment Options

You can choose from dozens of videos and more than 100 pages of exercises and other tools to address any gaps that you've identified. The "how to" tools include planning, people, processes, performance metrics, passionate leadership, boards, culture, deferred compensation, staying in control, and others. While we recommend using the holistic approach by following the "Racetrack" and its 23 sequential steps, you're free to select any tool you wish, and in any order.

Centralized Health Records

The downloadable "Driver's Logbook" helps you keep all of your work in a single location for easy review and reference.

Regular Health Check-ups

You monitor the health of your business on a continuing basis by periodically re-administering the "WOW Business Assessment Survey" to identify any new issues that need to be addressed.

Advisors Available

While most users don't need assistance, we have highly qualified Authorized Advisors available who have been selected based on their level of expertise and their genuine desire to help others. Most needs can be met through a "telehealth visit" by phone or video-call. Just contact us through your account portal, or click here.

What Results Can I Expect?

Here are some typical comments from business owners who have used the tools, either individually, or in sequence as the 23-step Five P System.

About the Author

After serving as an Executive and Officer for a "Fortune 500" company, and President of a financial services business, Bill helped establish Aileron, a not-for-profit organization in Dayton, Ohio. Since its founding in 1996, Aileron has provided educational and advisory services to thousands of privately-held businesses. He has also authored two books, Don't Step in the Entremanure, and Five P's to a "WOW!" Business, both published by Sound Wisdom.

Spanning three decades, Bill has worked closely with hundreds of business leaders and their teams to implement professional management systems, strategic planning, boards of advisors, and performance-based cultures. He is co-founder of The WOW Business Advisory, LLC, and creator of Drive My Biz to WOW, a "free-on-demand" service to help privately-held businesses who need guidance.

Through global licensing arrangements, his "best practices" are now being delivered by Sandler Systems, the world's largest sales and management training company.

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